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David Di Palma - Director of Di Palma (UK) Ltd & Radford United (LE3) Ltd

About David Di Palma

David Di Palma – “To Triumph Over Adversity is my Greatest Strength”

Born in 1968, David is an inspirational and motivational author, survivor of a complex brain injury disability and physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Throughout his life David continually tries to self-manage his own circumstances and support others to overcome their difficulties through his various supported activities and roles. Due to the threats of further abuse towards him should he speak out to the authorities, David learned the art of keeping quiet in the bid to protect his parents and siblings, which, ultimately affected his characteristics. David attended mainstream schools. To unknown observers, including family, friends, and schoolteachers, David was regularly labelled as being ‘awkward’, ‘uncooperative’ & ‘argumentative’. In his teens David developed epilepsy because of a brain injury caused by repeated blows to the head, which was inflicted by bullies at school and abusers elsewhere. Despite everything David remained tight-lipped about the serious abuse and kept on the straight and narrow. David always looked for opportunities to develop himself and to evolve.

In 2006 following corrective brain surgery for epilepsy and the initial brain injury, David acquired a second brain injury. With the unrelenting desire to inspire and to help others David had his first book published entitled
True Warrior – The Autobiography of David John Di Palma.

The book detailed his battles with epilepsy and contained reproduced entries of diaries that David has kept from his childhood. In David’s first book he did not go into too much detail about the abuse because some of the abusers were still alive. Therefore, David knew that others could be put at risk of psychological and physical harm should he speak out. Years after the initial publication of 

True Warrior – The Autobiography of David John Di Palma, most of the serious abusers had now passed away, therefore, the threat level to damaging others’ psychological wellbeing had decreased sufficiently to take the next step. David spoke with his allocated Social Worker and a Police Officer, explaining about the historical abuse. David was referred for specialised counselling and having gone through one cycle of appropriate counselling, with the support of CG and his Support Team, David gained sufficient confidence to publish his second and third book in succession in November 2021, fifteen years after publishing the first.

David says - “Readers will enter a fully immersive experience of survival of a complex brain injury disability, associated trauma and survival of the most horrendous types of abuse you could imagine”.

The books jointly published and sold by

Radford United (LE3) Ltd & Di Palma (UK) Ltd
entitled –

  1. Independent Survivor, David John Di Palma, Living One Day at a Time (Part One)

  2. Independent Survivor, David John Di Palma, Living One Day at a Time (Part Two)

  3. True Warrior the Autobiography of David John Di Palma (1st Published in 2006)

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