Engaging with other Businesses,

Community Groups & Service Providers

"Community Engagement is vital to our business success" 

Radford United (LE3) Ltd & Di Palma (UK) Ltd continue to support businesses, community groups, service providers  and individuals across the district of Blaby and throughout Leicestershire, for further details of how we can help you and your organisation, please check out our services below.

Our combined professional services include and are not restricted to the following:

  • Advisory and Advocacy

  • Complaints Management and Conflict Resolution

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Engagement through open dialogue and presentations.

  • Report Writing, Production & Distribution Services. Including and not restricted to; Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity & Disability Awareness.

  • Campaign Management and Promotions.

  • Strategic; Reviews, Planning & Implementation

  • Production and Distribution of Electronic and Paper Based Reading Products (inc. Books, Newsletters and much more)

  • Promotional Services

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