2021 County Council Election

Thursday 6th May 2021

David John Di Palma – Independent Candidate


“Vote David John Di Palma for an inclusive and fairer society”


My Goals

  • To independently scrutinise the services, performance, and value for money aspects of Leicestershire County Council and its staff and members.

  • To analyse and use the performance data to ensure that every aspect of service delivery and performance are improved.

  • To ensure that your voices are effectively heard within the areas of
    Leicestershire County Council that matter to you.


  • To ensure that my support team and I undergo any training required of us, to ensure that we can perform to the best of our abilities and in so doing deliver the best possible service to you.

  • To ensure that as a democratically elected independent member of
    Leicestershire County Council I am accountable and contactable.


  • To actively campaign for an improvement to road surfaces, class sizes, environmental issues and increased GP and medical service provision, especially underfunded mental health services and Social Care for our diverse, aging, and growing population.

  • To continue to campaign against any form of bullying and discrimination 
    “Be kind always”.


About Me & My Team

Born in 1968, a survivor of domestic, physical, and sexual abuse, educated in mainstream schools I worked a few different roles before following my passion for Community Cohesion and Neighbourhood Management. I graduated from Beeston College (Nottingham) in 2011 as a qualified Housing Practitioner with the Chartered Institute of Housing.


I have served numerous councils for ten years and have successfully defended my council seats and acquired new seats during that time.  During my terms in office at the respective councils I have served on the Full Council, Community Development Committee (Vice Chair), Planning and Environment Committee, Staffing Committee, New Lubbesthorpe Consultative Board, Planning Group, Multi Agency Working Groups, Transport Committees and many more.

I am Inspired by the late Professor Stephen Hawkins. I believe anything is possible.


I live with an acquired brain injury disability and I have a Social Worker, Support Workers and Care Workers supporting me. I have first-hand experience of financial pressures to Social Care, and Supporting People Services, and the challenges of living within a Sheltered Housing Scheme for Vulnerable Adults. All services which I am actively involved in are continually under threat of financial cuts and closure by central government. I am actively involved with supporting the most vulnerable members of society via a community newsletter which, with the input of community members, I have written, produced, and circulated for eight years at my own cost. The newsletter is just one of the ways that I ensure that social exclusion is tackled and hard to reach groups are involved with shaping their communities and to ensure their voices are heard at every opportunity.


During the last ten years we have actively worked with community groups, service providers and voluntary organisations in fund raising activities and to help raise awareness of their organisations and difficult to talk about subjects for example, mental health issues, domestic, physical, and sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, modern-day slavery, and hate crime to name a few. 


We run a successful care and support business, and a successful publishing and consultancy business. We therefore understand the exceedingly difficult dilemmas, that business owners face daily. Once elected we will continue to campaign on behalf of business owners on the issues that matter to them.


As an independent member of Leicestershire County Council, I will be ideally placed to put my nationally recognised scrutiny qualifications into practice by independently scrutinising the services, performance, and value for money aspects of the work of Leicestershire County Council and the accountability of its councillors, staff and sub-contractors/contractors.


Throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic, we have supported many people with many aspects of their lives. This invaluable support will continue long after the pandemic is over.


In my spare time, I write and publish self-help and inspirational books on difficult to discuss topics including epilepsy, mental health, all forms of abuse survival and brain injury support. 
I also support Leicester City Football Club and Leicester Tigers, I worship at Leicester Cathedral and I enjoy gardening, going to the gym and swimming in addition to being a business owner, author, and publisher. I do not just understand the difficulties you face I live them.  


  • A Vote for me is a Vote for Diversity and Equality.

  • A Vote for me will ensure underrepresented groups are represented at every level of government.

  • A Vote for me will ensure I continue to campaign for local and national issues and will always put the electorate at the forefront of the decision-making process.

“A vote for me is a vote for an inclusive and fairer society”

Independent Scrutiny is the key to success.


I represent the people not a political party. I work for and serve the electorate not myself.

My name is David Di Palma, I am a Community Representative, I am a survivor and proud.


“To Triumph Over Adversity is Our Greatest Strength”



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David John Di Palma.


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